How to implement Singleton for Manager classes like Game Manager in Unity3d

Singleton in Unity3d

In this video, we are going to implement and teach Singleton for Manager Classes in our Video Game project. As you know, Manager Classes will use in entire our video game project, for instance, Game Manager class, Pool Manager class, Audio manager class and even the Player itself (if we just have one player in our whole video game project.

As you know, the Static classes and related to it implementing Singleton are not acceptable among programmers and software engineers. While, easily accessible to classes, especially when they want to implement a prototype of a video game engage them to use implementing Singleton.

On the other hand, Unity3d would like Singleton and may we can say implementing Singleton is one of the most popular ways in Unity3d. Though, there are other ways to easily accessible to manager classes like using Interface classes and Listeners.

Now, as you correctly understand we are going to teach implementing Singleton for manager classes in the video game project. Those, I hope this video would address your questions about Singleton and you enjoy it as well.

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March 19, 2020