Iran’s Video Games Championship 2019

video games championship 2019

How to participate in Iran’s Video Game Championship 2019?

The Iranian video games championship 2019 has been held for many years and is better every year since the previous year. Everyone Interested in participating in the Video Game Championship 2019, each year, they are looking to start registering to bring their abilities in these video games together and enhance the excitement of the tournament. This year, like every year, the Iranian video games championship is set to be held eight videogames.
Video games titled Fifa 2019, PES 2019, DOTA 2, Clash Royale, CS: Go, in the external videogames section and titled Stepson, Quiz of Kings and the brain store in the internal section, will challenge participants in Iranian video games championship 2019.

Registration in the most important Iranian video games championship tournament will begin on the official website of the video games competition on Sunday, June 30, 2019, and the enthusiasts can go to the official website to participate in the Iran Video Games Championship.

video games championship list

video games championship list

How Can Women Participate in Iran’s Video Game Championship 2019?

The Iran’s Video Game Championship 2019 will be held in women section too and women who interested in participating in video games, can refer to the official video game event website and become aware of the terms and conditions for participation in video game championship 2019 event. It should be noted that this series of women’s video games competitions will be held in only two football titles, Fifa 2019 and PES 2019 and if the quorum reaches 64 participants, they will be held separately.

wonen in iran's video game championship 2019

wonen in iran’s video game championship 2019

How can we take part as a team in Iran’s Video Games Championship 2019?

This year’s Iranian video games championship will be held in two separate sections as a team or individually, like in previous years.
Therefore, enthusiasts participating in a video game contest that wants to participate as a team in this competition period must participate in a full team of women or men in the competition. This course will be held in Iran’s video game championship in Sepehr Hall of Hijab Contemplation Center.

How interested in participating in Iran’s video games championships 2019 can sign up from a city other than Tehran?

Interested in participating in the video game championships 2019 that live in cities other than Tehran can compete in two FIFA 2019 and PES 2019 in 9 cities.
The National Computer Games Foundation plans to host FIFA 2019 and PES 2019 tournaments in Qom, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Mashhad, Tabriz, Zahedan, Ahvaz, and Bushehr, so participants who succeeded in reaching the final stage will go to Tehran to hold the final stages of the video games competition. Therefore, fans of video games competitions that live in cities other than Tehran are required to provide tickets to the video games competitions in one of the listed cities.

You can visit the website to register and learn more.

June 27, 2019