How to create a level in a 2D video game using Unit3D Tilemap

2D video game level design using Tilemap in Unity3D game engine

In the Unity3D game engine, there are several ways to design levels of 2D video games and painting levels. One of these ways is the Tilemap tool in Unity3D. the Tilemap has many profits such as speed and avoids time-wasting during the painting level in a 2D video game.

Profits of using Tilemap tool in 2D video game level design in Unity3D game engine

As we mentioned above, the speed of designing the level of a 2D video game is one of the important benefits of using Tilemap in the Unity3D game engine. Level designers must work hard to implement a level for a 2D video game. As a result, the Unity3D game engine design some tools like Tilemap to avoid mind tired of level designers when they are painting a 2D video game level.

How to limit game objects during level design in a 2D video game using Unity3D game engine Tilemap

Most of the time 2D video game level designers have some other issues. The unsorted many game objects in the hierarchy pallet in the Unity3D game engine is one of these kinds of issues. Unity3D game engine resolved this problem by defining a Tilemap tool to approximately decreasing the number of game objects in the Unity3D hierarchy pallet.

Categorizing tilesets in Unity3D game engine Tilemap tool

A 2D video game level designer can sperate each group of tilesets and categorize them in a proper category using Tilemap tools in the Unity3D game engine. For instance, 2D video game level designer can group all decorative tilesets and separate them from ground tilesets and categorize them separately.

How to make tilesets automatically choose suitable tile during painting 2D video game level

Unity3D game engine Tilemap has some applicate tools to make 2D video game level design an easy and lovely job. 2D video game level developers can implement some script to make tilesets automatically choose suitable tile when 2D video game level designer is painting a level. For example, a 2D video game programmer can write a code that tiles will change to underground tile if there were 3 ground edges surround it. This solution will cause avoiding wasting time when a 2D video game level designer painting a level, as well as his job will easily have done.

Unity3D game engine tools for creating video game easy job

As we mentioned above, we find out that the Unit3D game engine provides many attractive tools in different experts to make video games an easy job. It means Unity3D provides tools to video game experts such as Game Design, Level Design, Visual Effect, Audio and Sound Effect, Cinema chain and others.

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April 2, 2020