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Iran’s Video Games Championship 2019

video games championship 2019

How to participate in Iran’s Video Game Championship 2019? The Iranian video games championship 2019 has been held for many years and is better every year since the previous year. Everyone Interested in participating in the Video Game Championship 2019, each year, they are looking to start registering to bring their abilities in these video…

June 27, 2019

Cut The Rope Level Design Training


In this presentation of the 2012 GDC, Matt Rix of Magicule and Semyon Voinov of Zeptolab share the game design ideas learned in creating Trainy and Cut The Rope. Rix and Voinov discuss their proven principles of level design, data-driven decisions, and game options. Explain how these exciting games have gathered dozens of enthusiastic fans…

October 23, 2018

How The Game Industry Growth


HOW THE GAME INDUSTRY GROWTH IN 2018 HOW IMPROVE VIDE GAMES IN GAME INDUSTRY The Game Industry, recent innovations and technological advances have helped to improve the video game experience. Sound cards, graphics cards, faster processors and 3D graphics accelerators are some of the major improvements in the gaming industry for what we call today’s…

October 23, 2018