I Will Make Concept Graphics For Your Game

الكتابة المفاهيمية / فن(2d , 3d)
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وصف الخدمة

Looking for concept graphics for your game? You are in the right place!
Here you can order illustrations, icons, banners, characters, maps, posters or any other graphics in cartoon style. I have more than 10 years of experience in graphic design. I use both 2d and 3d tools in my workflow. I will be happy to make the best cartoon graphics that meets all your requirements.

You will get from this job:

  • Cartoon graphics that you need
  • Layered PSD or AI source file
  • Transparent background (PNG)
  • Commercial use is included in all packages.

Workflow process:

  • To get started I will need the following details:

a) Description of what you would like to order (perhaps some rough sketch of your idea)
b) Screenshots of your application if you have any.
c) Sample design(s) if you have any.

Please send me a message before placing an order to discuss your needs and preferences.

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